Exhibition note for Galleria Kuja in 2023:

”Biotech Dreams, sometimes they turn into nightmates. The exhibition gathers old and new painting objects that result from my reflections on eco-futurism and the tensions between the human and non-human. How we perceive and connect to the ecosystem is culturally constructed. I have been thinking on how humans get together with nature and it sometimes is not necessarily ethical. In this painting installation I have tried to merge human and non-human. Is it a love or hate relationship? When do we connect to the ecosystem and when do we opress it? When do we desire and do we fetishicize? What can we learn from non-humans? Questioning, I propose eco-erotic imaginary. Deconstruction, exaggerated stimulus- the methods I have used are the cultural lence on the ecosystem. I have been visually playing between recognizable and non-recognizable forms in order to create eco-erotic metaphoras. Painting became an ecosystem to me. Objects relate to each other and sometimes contain snippets- cadres from different realities. That is how they become one ecosystem inside another. I think that humans can rediscover about sexuality from invertebrates. Flora provides an inspiration to rediscover about sexuality. The installation becomes a sci-fi laboratory and applies eco-feminist thought into painting. You will find eco-sci-fi fears and confusions but also visual hope for non-binary love surviving through any dangers.”


"Growing Interconnectedness" at Asbestos Art Space in 2024:

”Growing interconnectedness” is an exhibition that seeks for cultural interconncetion of body and mind to ecosystems, sourcing inspiration from soil, water and all the diversity they cotribute to. Eco-erotic metaphoras appear as ways to form empathies. The motifs source inspiration from hydrofeminist thought. “The painting research is also part of my personal struggle to work through the cultural oppresion of sexuality and nature that I have experienced in my life, growing up in a place were both are surpressed by religion and capitalist customs at the same time. Painting is a tool to pose questions and affirmations on the bodily relationship to ecosystems. Eco-erotic metaphoras included in the immersive installation aim to find new forms of coexistence building an empowered feminist voice in the times of climate catastrophe.”